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Yet another redesign

Tweaked my site with fresh pages, blog list and some more. Hope you like it!

Published onDecember 19, 20212 minutes read

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Yes indeed. A redesign, again.

I constantly come accross new websites, people, apps, etc. and I can’t help but find things to improve in my website. And that’s why I have done yet another redesign. Just a one month after the last one. 😅

Let’s dive real quick into the new stuff.


I want my website to be more focused on me and what I do and build, so that’s why I decided to create independent pages for information about me and my projects, along some organization of the previous pages. Here’s an overview:


The about page includes casual information about me, a bit of my career and also some photos of me.


Now I also have a place to showcase more of my projects. Although I will still highlight my most important, relevant or popular projects in my website’s homepage.

Additionally, the new projects cards will show a stars counter if they are open-sourced on GitHub. And there’s more to come later.


I decided to take my previous dashboard page a bit further and share additional info about what I’m currently being focused on in my life. That’s the purpose of the now page.


The inspiration page has been built from the ground up using Notion API, so now whatever I put in a Notion database, will magically appear in the inspiration page.

New website pages


The blog page has been redesigned into a list instead of a card grid. Thanks to the people on Twitter who helped me take a decision 😅

It basically allows to focus more on the content instead of just the nice look. In a previous post, I mentioned how I changed from a list to a grid, and now I’m changing it back, but I’m much more happy with the new design.

Besides that, all blog posts now have a views counter and also reactions, which I hope make my blog more interactive and would encourage people to read it more. Those counters data is saved in a PlanetScale database.

I’m limiting the reactions to be submitted once per user, but, if you’re curious, I’m not doing anything fancy, just saving the state in LocalStorage 🤓

Finally, I added a script that generates blur hashes for the images in my blog posts which provide a faster loading experience at the end. It was all thanks to Lazar Nikolov’s blog post.

What’s next?

There’s more changes that I had planned to bring to my website, but at the end I decided to not do them at least for now. Some I even started working on and the results didn’t satisfy me. We’ll see if they make it in the future.

For now I’m planning an update for the new projects page, and I will have the help of Patryk Michalik so stay tuned for that! 😉

Hope you enjoy this quick update 👋