Please read carefully!

After many requests and reports of my dashboards being "too hard" to setup, I decided to create this website as a tool to help you get started using any of my dashboards (Frames, Kuper and Blueprint).

I have really spent a long time working on my dashboards and also this website, so I really want to kindly ask you to support my work by doing a small donation to me.
Whatever you can help me with, I will appreciate it a lot! 🙏🏼


Information Privacy and Security

All the information provided by you in this website is only available for this website and during the current session. Nothing is shared anywhere.
If you refresh the site, everything will be lost. Keep this in mind so you don't lose your progress.

Do I have to fill all the fields and forms in this website?


This website contains all the default options from the dashboards already set. Which means, whatever you don't want to change, you can just ignore it. The website will still generate the files correctly.

Anyway, I highly recommend you to fill (at least) the 'Strings' section completely, because it has important info for the app.

What will I get with this?

With this website you will get all the configuration files required for any of my dashboards, those include:

  • strings.xml
  • colors.xml
  • general_configs.xml
  • frames_configs.xml
  • kuper_configs.xml
  • blueprint_configs.xml

Additional Setup

After you download the config-files.zip file, you just have to extract the values folder inside, in the /app/src/main/res/ folder of your project and overwrite any previous file in it.

This tool does not replace in any way the Android Studio and project setup process. It just helps making it a little easier.

As much as I wanted this tool to offer all possible options, there are some things that cannot be put here due to their volatility.

So, after exporting/downloading the configuration files provided by this tool, you must check them, because they can contain things that are empty and that must be filled manually by yourself.

Some of the things that must be filled by yourself are:

  • credits_configs.xml (the list of people that will appear in credits)
  • extra_configs.xml (the list of apps you can put in the home section of Blueprint)
  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • All Kotlin (code) classes and files.
  • All icon pack related files.

Please visit the respective dashboard Wiki site for guidance:


Report issues/requests