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People and websites that inspire (me)

April 26, 20234 min read488 views
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In life, we come across many people who leave a lasting impression on us. Some inspire us with their achievements, while others motivate us with their resilience and determination, and eventually become a reference for what we aim for.

In this blog post, I want to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate some of the people who have had a significant impact on me, motivating me to be a better version of myself.

As Austin Kleon mentions in his book “Steal like an artist”: we are the sum of our influences.

People that inspire me

This is a short list of people I truly admire, because they are great persons, constantly share knowledge and help others learn and grow, create amazing projects, many of them in the open (open-source) and do things that I can just hope to be able to do one day.

I've also had the fabulous chance to have conversations with some of them, and even call friends a couple, although we haven't really met in person. Thanks for what you teach me every day.

Websites that inspire(d) mine

The websites listed below are the ones I frequently look for inspiration in terms of design, content organization, features and user interface and experience. Each has its own little details that makes it unique.

  1. Alistair Shepherd

    I find this website really cool, because it has a unique design. The time based themes are a great addition and makes it stand out.

    I also liked the focus outline it uses in different elements. Which I copied for my website 🫣. I hope Alistair doesn't mind 😅

    Theme options in Alistair's website
  2. Delba Oliveira

    I really like the simplicity of Delba's website, it uses a small set of colors, but they provide a great hierarchy overall, I think. Delba's toolbar or nav at the top inspired me to make mine the way it is, and, in addition, the narrow content looks so good I also wanted it to be part of my website.

    Screenshot of Delba's website
  3. Lee Robinson

    To be honest, many of the current features and structure of my website, is based on Lee's one. The definition of security headers, the use of contentlayer and other plugins for MDX rendering, my dashboard was also based on his, the use of PlanetScale to store blog posts views, and more.

    Screenshot of Lee's website
  4. Sindre Sorhus

    Sindre's constantly crafting new apps. His website has inspired previous versions of mine. The donate and supporters pages, especially, were the ones that motivated me to have one in my website. I also admire the way he's become a full-time open-source developer and has his work completed funded by the community. It's impressive!

    Screenshot of Sindre's website
  5. Steph Parrott

    Steph's website's about page inspired mine. A photo at the top, with a short description and then the information. Her site is super simple, minimalist I'd say, and it just shows the right and relevant information it needs to.

    Screenshot of Steph's website

All of these sites are beautifully designed, with clean layouts and intuitive navigation. They prioritize user experience and their designs reflect a commitment to simplicity and ease of use. These sites have inspired me to always strive for a seamless and enjoyable user experience in my own.


The people I admire and the websites that inspire my design are a constant source of motivation for me. Each person on this list has shown me something unique and valuable.

I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the people who have impacted your life and the projects that inspire your own work. By acknowledging and appreciating these influences, we can continue to grow and improve.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this post insightful and inspiring. 👋